Here’s the Story

So if you don’t know my from my life(as in real life contact) or from my all-telling Facebook, Myspace, Old LiveJournal, Twitter, Personal Diary(why are you reading my stuffs!?!?!?!), or my Dotcom which I hope to turn into a business someday…I guess I can tell you a bit about me here…

I was born a lively fellow on October 12th, 1983, around 4:24 PM in a small town hospital that no longer exists in Smithtown, NY. After my crying and screaming and puking and pooping died down a bit, my parents (Jan and Connie) carried me home where we continue to reside today…albeit with less crying and running amok. The years of growing up were littered with my sister, Jannine, constantly beating the ever-living shit out of me and the ever-present fear of having no friends at school, which was realized and dealt with at one point…Days of throwing acorns and playing hockey, climbing trees, riding bikes, and lighting shit on fire all ensued. My lack of friends in public was offset by a group of friends at the local church youth group I was very into. Yes I called myself a Jesus Freak. The music (Jars of Clay, Audio Adrenaline, DC Talk) and the Bible helped me get through my days until I became more socially adept (Senior year?) and started to take on what I call, Me.

I then made the stupid decision to attend college in Boston (Northeastern University), for 2 years pursuing a degree in computer science. I was involved with groups like Campus Crusade for Christ, and worked in the college theater doing tech work. Note: I could be berating you with links and pictures but frankly I’m too lazy right now. After a summer stint in Yellowstone National Park, of which i have recently lost 90% of my photo proof…I realized that besides Jesus, I really loved working with the computer in an artistic fashion, rather than a code monkey fashion…so I decided to change my major to graphic design. What I forgot was that I had never taken an art class…in my entire life…so starting from the beginning was a foolish choice to stay in the expensive city in Boston to reinvent myself. So in 2004 I moved back home with my tail between my legs and enrolled into Community college.

There I pursued generality and commonality in the form of a Liberal Arts degree with an accent over the Arts part. Photography and Design were my thing while was working my ass off full time at the local Best Buy. May of 05 I obtained my coveted AA alongside my father, who had been working on his AA for the better part of a quarter century.

After being rejected once, I clung to the “try try again” ideal and applied to SUNY New Paltz, and was accepted somehow in January of 06…still with minimal artistic ability in my portfolio. 2.5 years of drinking, partying, making great friends, and enjoying the beauty of the Shawangunk mountains followed as I attempted to make my right thinking brain into a left thinking brain. Semi-successfully coming to a culmination of mediocre achievement in May of 08…I now own a BS degree in Visual arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, a minor in Art History, and a Hot Damn in drinking games and tom foolery.

Suddenly we are faced with a destroyed economy in which I find it terribly hard to find a job for the better part of 6 months, which leads us to the kindness of friends helping me get a job at a local restaurant, where I run food at a crappy restaurant, and do Graphic Design on the side, in attempts to make my professional portfolio one that seems to supersede years of experience in the field…

9 months later, I decide to pop my head in on a game that used to run my life to see how my friends were doing…after a few conversations I get an email in my inbox asking me if I still needed a job. A resounding hell yes, a sent resume, a revised resume, an over the phone interview and 2 days later, I had a job offer in Northern Virginia, being a Web User Interface Designer, making real money with real benefits! Phew! But wait, 1 week to say good bye to everyone I know, quit my job, find an apartment with no deposit, buy a car with no credit, and move all my stuff to another state??? Sureee why not I’ll be there for work March 2nd. I found a car (’04 Jeep Liberty) the dealers were happy to put me in and I was happily surprised that I was incredibly happy to own, partied my face off with everyone I knew who would come out, searched craigslist and and to find at least a sublet or something for a few weeks, and my parents any I packed our cars full and humped down to VA on the 27th of Feb. One night in a hotel and 10 phone calls and 6 apartment visits later, I had a temporary place to stay. (Shortly after I find that an old friend [Luke Jones] lives in the area too and we ended up moving into a place together in May, sweet!)

My first day of work, I get up early get my shirt and tie on and get ready to head out the 5 miles to work it was…and it’s snowing, the first and only major storm VA got that season (08-09), bully. Then aha! I remember my truck that I own is a 4×4! Excellent! I plow through the curiously unplowed roads (apparently any more then a dusting doesn’t warrant an early start to plowing in VA…the DOT apparently just stares at the radar screen shaking in their boots for a while before they send out the 2 plows each county owns to fend for themselves while they go back to bed) basically alone and get to work on time…only to find out that I was the only one there at all and no one was answering any phone number I had. Sweet. Eventually, one lone HR rep comes in and apologizes and reschedules everything for tomorrow. At the time of this writing, it is now 9-10-09, a bit more than 6 months later, and things are fantastic. I’m learning a ton about development and design and doing a bit of freelance on the side to build my portfolio. Logos and Layouts galore!

I guess to talk more about me, I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hiking etc… women, cheap beer, expensive beer, movies, driving, computers, video games(although not very often), photography, design, typography, reading about photography and design…technology, art, painting, handiwork, building/remodeling, these are all things I enjoy.

Music likes ranging from Jethro Tull to Gym Class Heroes, Chopin to Atreyu, Dave Matthews to Yael Naim…my iPhone isn’t big enough to hold all my music, so I don’t even try.

I(didn’t :() just scarf down a Jayme’s roll and it (would of been) delicious.


4 Responses to “Here’s the Story”

  1. this is a mess. hahaha

  2. an intriguing mess. need to update it.

  3. Ahh, the life of a son I am extremely proud of!
    Love Dad

  4. Well, this has got to be the most thorough bio I’ve come across šŸ™‚ all I can say is : I hope your sister is no longer beating the ‘ crap ‘ out of you :)) . Wishing you much continued future success within all of your career and life endeavors & oceans of good fortune šŸ™‚

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