Live Portfolio

I’m going to use this page to add things that I work on as a live portfolio, and will enjoy comments and critism, hopefully create an almost class-like atmosphere on my work. 😀

Look for updates soon.

A-Space Logos-

Now that that is taken care of, A-Space is a project I work on, and I created these logo changes for different holidays and such, similar to what google does, and all are at the size the it would be shown on the site 213×50 ouch. All of these went into production for a few days, so my work is being used! woo! The blue is the original that I did not create, I have created update versions of it but the functionals decided that it’s not time to change it yet, although we are working to redesign the whole layout of the site. (Note: it’s a classified environment web application, for Intelligence analysts, see this article in time magazine.)

A-space logo redesign. I did this for the next release of our project. They didn’t feel they were ready to change the logo again, thats ok tho, cause I get to share it with ya’ll!
I believe I’m going to use a similar style to design my first typeface.

A-space 3.0 logo

Here is a logo I designed for the ICDL (Intelligence Community Data Layer) which is being used in production today.

And some of it’s iterations-                      12x12 version 24x24 version Powered by ICDL

The logo symbolizes the movement of data, from its repositories, to it’s client side users…i have a flash animation i did for it as well but cannot currently show it due to company restrictions. 🙂 Enjoy!

Trudesign Studios work

This is my first ever commissioned site, done for

Screen Cap of the main page of


4 Responses to “Live Portfolio”

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  2. Nice work. Arbor Day 2009 (Center image) is very good.

  3. What, no logo for Christmas?

  4. Nice job though!

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